Chasing Dreams


Like the majority of other fashion designers, Marsha Rigden of SA-LO-MÉ Designs got her fashion inspiration at a young age.

Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology

Growing up in Papua New Guinea, Marsha was taught to sew by her mother, while making both Marsha’s and her sister’s clothes. At a young age, Marsha loved to observe the different stages of creating a dress. This is where her interest in fashion design started.

After graduating from the Australian Institute of Creative Design Marsha has continued her career as a full-time teacher.  However, she hasn’t let her busy schedule hinder her goals to become a fashion designer. Marsha has continued to work on her label — SA-LO-MÉ, in her home where she has her workshop and studio.

Marsha is preparing SA-LO-MÉ‘s Spring-Summer 2018 Collection.  She aims to display her upcoming collections at the young designer markets around Brisbane and in the Spring-Summer 2018 Finders Keepers Market.

Study Advanced Diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Technology - AICDEDU

Marsha’s journey has been anything, but easy. While studying at the Australian Institute of Creative Design, Marsha continued her full-time teaching job, which left her little time for anything except the daily grind and the pursuit of her dreams. Aside from the time constraints placed on Marsha, she was filled with self-doubt and lack of confidence in her ability.

I put off studying a creative career for 10 years…I worried that I wasn’t creative enough or fashionable enough as the people around me. 

Study Advanced Diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Technology - AICDEDU

Marsha’s first course with us was the Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology which she finished in 2014. However, Marsha wanted to explore more and expand her knowledge in fashion design. She wanted to advance her education without having to complete a University Bachelor Degree. As such, she took up the Advanced Diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Technology, graduating in June 2017.

While the workload was intense even as a part-time student, I found the experience and the guidance of the trainers to be invaluable, especially during the last 6 months of the course!

Indeed, Marsha is a true example of what you can accomplish with hard work, dedication, and the power of positive thinking.

Study Advanced Diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Technology - AICDEDU

When asked if Marsha had any advice for our current students who may be doubting themselves, this is what she had to say…

You may feel underappreciated at times and not everyone will understand…but there is always someone out there who appreciates your work and will be a fan. NEVER GIVE UP!

So to anyone out there, just go for it! Follow your dreams! Our college offers a range of courses in various areas of the fashion and creative industry! Our teaching staff are passionate, qualified professionals with many years of experience working within the fashion industry.

Let us help you find the career of your dreams!


To arrange an appointment, call 07 5593 8335 or email us.


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