How To Transition Smoothly From Your Job To Your Dream Creative Business

Do you stare at your office clock and day-dream of pursuing the creative business that you have always wanted? Do you feel that there is something more to life than your four-walled cubicle? However, you are afraid to take the risk and leave the security of your 9-5 job. 

Then, guess what? You are not alone! Actually, it takes a lot of faith and willpower to pack those cardboard boxes and hand in your resignation letter.

As such, with our 5 below tips, we’d like to help you realise smooth transition from your day job to your successful creative business is possible.

Before you actually leave your job, ask yourself if this is what you really want and not a spur of the moment thing. Has this goal been a burning desire for something? Are you willing to do anything to make it happen — to do the work?

transition from your boring job to your creative business

Moreover, this is also the time to assess yourself on what aspects you need to improve to make sure that you will be successful. You might be good in the creative aspect, but you’re weak on the marketing and branding side of the business. Start a business plan to help make sure you consider every angle of your new business.

So you’re really great in fashion sketching and translating it to an actual dress, but you don’t have any idea on how to build your brand, what will you do to build and grow your business towards fashion success?

For example, you can enrol in a school that offers courses on how to build a business from the ground up or whatever skill upgrade that you need. Like the Australian Institute of Creative Design’s Fashion Business Mentoring Program. With their fashion industry experts, they will help develop, improve, and learn the skills to grow your business with confidence.

One best way to get motivated is to surround yourself with people who have the same drive and passion as you have. If you want to be successful, interact with people who share the same goals or who have already vast experience in your field.

transition from your boring job to your creative business

Furthermore, if you are not already in the industry, consider taking an internship or gaining work experience one day per week.

We’ve mentioned this on our previous blog entitled, “5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Fashion Mentor“. Locking arms with a mentor are like your own protective shield. In other words, a mentor will lead and support you to navigate smoothly through the various stages and challenges of business. With their wealth of industry knowledge and experience, you will be in the best hands.

Fear is part of the game. No doubt, everyone has it. However, the only difference is how we react to it. It can either fuel you or paralyze you. Choose the former! Embrace your fear and use it to navigate you to the right direction.

transition from your boring job to your creative business

In conclusion, take the leap! Because ultimately, the only way to get started is to start.

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