Career Opportunities in the Visual Arts

A common misconception that remains in today’s society is that you can not make a decent living as a visual artist. However, this is not the case.  In order to turn your skills in the visual arts into a sustainable career, you need to have the proper knowledge and tools to make your dream a reality.

With the right skills and knowledge, visual arts can offer more career pathways than you may have expected. First, let’s check out the different and various available options.

Aside from being in the fine arts department where you can be a painter or for lack of a better term artist using different mediums, you can also find opportunities in fashion, designing textiles, or graphic design, organization/people management, writing and a lot more. 

And so much more…


Even though most visual artists lack training or formal education in the visual arts, it is very advantageous to learn the skills of the trade, especially if you want to put up a business or work with brands.

At the Australian Institute of Creative Design, we offer exciting programs with various study options in the faculty of arts and design.

If you are an entry-level Textile Designer, your expected average salary is AU$50,359 per year.

This rate increases if you have additional skills in graphic design, CAD (Computer Aided Design), or Adobe Photoshop. For example, the average pay for an entry-level Textile Designer with Computer Aided Design (CAD) skills is AU$54,652 per year.

For mid-career Textile Designer, the average salary is AU$65,543 per year. This also increases with additional skills.

If you want to pursue a career as a Graphic Designer, the expected average salary is AU$47,218 per year.

While a late-career Graphic Designer earns an average salary of AU$62,078 per year.

In order for a visual artist to thrive in the industry, it takes more than pure artistic talent and creativity. A visual artist needs to have the right business skills to transact with clients and be open-minded to criticism and changes that might occur.

Now, if you think that you have the basic skills, step up your competencies. Visit us! We welcome you to visit the college for a tour and to find out more information about any of our exciting courses and career pathways in visual arts.

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