Interview With Fashion Student, Hope Hill

Talking Fashion with Hope Hill

Fashion student, Hope Hill was recently featured in the North Lakes Times Newspaper because she reached the semi-finals of the Queensland Young Achiever Award (Queensland’s Coffee Club Arts and Fashion Award).

Nadine Hill

As a sole-parenting mum of a 3-year old, Hope Hill is a character of sheer determination. She overcame family violence and is slowly establishing herself in the fashion industry. She has her very own label both locally and internationally, aptly named — House of Hope Hill by Hope Hill.

A short while ago we spent some time with Hope, and we took the opportunity to ask her about this prestigious award and her future aspirations.

College: Congratulations for reaching the semi-final round of Queensland’s Coffee Club Arts and Fashion Award! How did you find yourself being introduced into the program? Did you submit a resume or portfolio or did someone nominate you?

Hope Hill: I received a notification that I had been nominated for the award. After receiving an email notification on the nomination, I was required to complete 8 questions relating to my achievements and any struggles I had overcome to reach those achievements. I then received an email advising that I had made it into the competition. Following this, I was advised that I had made it into the semi-final round.

College: How does is feel to have reached the semi-final round?

Hope Hill: I was very humbled to have even been nominated and then to have made it to the semi-finals. It made me stop and take stock on just how far I have come. I am very proud of my achievements for myself and I have a lot more I would like to achieve in the future. I am confident those who made the final are most worthy.

The House of Hope Hill

College: We understand that you have a fashion label, House of Hope Hill. Can you tell us more about it?

Hope Hill: House of Hope Hill’s ready to wear collections focus on textured fabrics, high-quality finishes and strong silhouettes that can be described as sophisticated minimalism.

House Of Hope Hill

College: Why the name House of Hope Hill?

Hope Hill: House of Hope Hill makes high-quality fashion with feelings. Clothing can have many attributes and inspire many feelings in its wearers. Empowerment, strength, beauty & confidence are just a few feelings Hope Hill aims to inspire in its customers so that they can believe that they can achieve their wildest dreams.

What does the future hold of Hope Hill?

College: Where do you see Hope Hill in the future?

Hope Hill: My aim is to grow the Hope Hill brand into a fashion house that will make and sell footwear and other accessories, and as a ready-to-wear range in addition to custom-made couture. Custom made couture wear is the direction I am moving in right now and will be seen in my future collections.

College: Are you alone with House of Hope Hill or do you have a business partner?

Hope Hill: I was fortunate enough to have a financial sponsor to help with Massif Fashion Week, but I am alone in the creation and running of House of Hope Hill. I endeavour to grow my team in the future.

College: We checked your Instagram and Facebook accounts and saw your collections for the Massif Fashion Week. They are all lovely! How did you get invited to the Massif Fashion Week?

Hope Hill: Located in Denver, Colorado, Massif Fashion Week is an intimate runway event catered for retail buyers, fashion enthusiasts, and the garment industry as a whole. This event offers an amazing opportunity for the designer with high-quality footage and brand exposure in an intimate setting which is still unheard of in Australia. I would highly recommend any emerging designer to think about being apart of this event in the future.

House of Hope Hill at the Massif Fashion Week

Massif Fashion Week commented on a picture of one of my garments on Instagram inviting me to be apart of the upcoming show in April 2017. I jumped at the opportunity to learn more.

College: How does it feel to be a part of an international show?

Hope Hill: This show by far has been my greatest fashion endeavour. I created an entire 12 look collection for the show which was my biggest collection so far. Going overseas was a huge step for me as I hadn’t travelled overseas before, and I was travelling solo. It was a great adventure and I hope to be a part of their show in the future.

House of Hope Hill at the Massif Fashion Week

How beneficial would you say your training has been?

College: We understand that you are due to graduate from Fashion Design in June 2017. Do you think that your experiences and training from the Australian Institute of Creative Design have helped you grow your fashion business and career?

Hope Hill: Being at the Australian Institute of Creative Design has allowed me to fully immerse myself in my designing. This has made it easier to live and breathe it and in turn achieve more. The ongoing support and advice have also helped me in producing high-quality finishes on my garments. After producing a mini collection of 11 garments in my first study period for a photo-shoot, I proved to myself just how much I can do when I set my mind to it.

What can we expect to see from Hope Hill?

College: Lastly, any upcoming shows or collections that your fans need to know?

Hope Hill: My current collection Blooming Spark will be showcased at our graduating fashion event, “Behind The Seams” on the 22nd of June 2017 at the Tivoli (for tickets, go here).

Also, I hope to be showcasing my new couture collection later in the year. For updates on that, you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram @houseofhopehill.

That concludes our interview with Hope Hill. We can’t help but be proud of what she has achieved at a very young age. She is such an inspiration to young women and men to never give up on your dreams no matter what life throws at you.

Your best stories will come from your struggles.
The seeds of your success are in your failures.
Your praises will be birthed from your pains.
Keep standing.
I have never seen a storm last forever.
Seasons change.
Fashion design pathways

So if you’re dreaming of becoming a fashion designer, don’t let it be just a dream. Make it into a reality!


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