5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Fashion Mentor

Feeling stuck, not progressing, you’ve tried several ways of launching your range or are coming up with a business model that’s continually taking you back to square one?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many entrepreneurs go through the same thing during the course of their careers.

The fashion industry, in particular, is filled with hidden nooks and crannies that can deflate and deter the most creative souls. There’s really never a straight line and often ill-informed advice is given freely, adding to the confusion and pain. But there is an answer that many are turning to – Business Mentors.

“Successful people never reach their goals alone!”
—Eva Brodala

Locking arms with a mentor is like your own protective shield with the biggest flashlight attached, leading and supporting you to navigate more smoothly through the various stages and challenges of business.

So what actually is a mentor?

By definition Wikipedia style, it goes something like this:

  • Noun: an experienced and trusted advisor — an experienced person in a company or educational institute who trains or counsels new employees or students.
  • Verb: advise or train (someone, especially a younger colleague). 

It’s simply someone a few years down the road from you has the benefit of wisdom and experience behind them. A good mentor will get to know you and can speak into your life with the benefit of their past experience.

“Having a mentor is like having a Personal Trainer”

Well yes, it certainly can be. Commitment is key, goal setting and results-driven is the objective but along with the hard work comes fun, laughter and celebrations on the “wins”.

So how can a fashion business mentor help you?

1. Provide expertise and the right advice tailored to you!

We know advice is everywhere and it can be a tricky path navigating the right to the “not quite right” suggestions for you and your business. Just because 2 people have similar goals doesn’t necessarily mean you would give them the exact same advice. Experienced Fashion Mentors can dissect your business ideas/plan/goals to offer the individual advice tailored for your needs. They get to know you and work at motivating you in new and wonderful ways.

2. Provide Clarity and Direction

A mentor can help you focus on what’s important, keep you on the right path and see the bigger picture. Mentors have usually experienced the same challenges themselves or see the same mistakes time and time again. It’s enormously reassuring to hear your mentor say something like, “This thing you’re struggling with? I struggled with that, too. Everyone does.” So trust they have your back and want you to avoid the mistakes they’ve made and instead fast track you to success.

3. They Keep You Accountable

Just like a personal trainer, your mentor will set you realistic goals and tasks to do before your next meeting. These will assist you and your business to flow and progress at a pace that is comfortable and attainable.

4. Bring in a Fresh Prospective

It’s difficult to see your own strengths, weaknesses, and challenges clearly. Mentors can help you understand yourself better and see things as they really are. Your mentor will encourage and prompt you to think of things you’ve possibly never thought about and support you to create your brand successfully.

5. Challenge you to Dig Deep

This is where the hard questions get asked, the ones we prefer to avoid but the ones that can ultimately move us to achieve our biggest goals and beyond. With your mentor guiding, supporting, advising, motivating you every step of the way you and your business ideas, goals and dreams can become a beautiful reality!

Love a fashion business mentor of your own?

The Australian Institute of Creative Design has a highly successful 12-month mentoring program. They work with their own Fashion Design graduates, as well as many individuals outside of the college, such as Nikke Horrigan — who went from working in the mines to launching his own profitable label in just 3 months (click here to read more about Nikke’s journey).

Find out more about the Fashion Mentoring Program

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