Alice takes flight.


Past Student of Australian Institute of Creative Design…

Alice finished her Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology in 2009.  Since leaving the Australian Institute of Creative Design, Alice Vievers sprouted wings and is now running her handmade fashion label called Alice Nightingale.

Her collections are beautiful and inspired by the silver screen and cater to all occasions.  Keep an eye out for her new summer collection “Sweet to Me” is soon to be released.

The goal of Alice Nightingale is to create quality clothing in small quantities, that are feminine and quirky, and as stated on her website, “Alice Nightingale, as a tribute to individuality, provides continuously changing collections within each season with limited numbers of each garment made to minimise those awkward ‘they’re wearing what I am!!’ moments”.

Visit her website,, to see her current collection, where you can browse, view and purchase online.

Congratulations on all your success Alice Nightingale

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