Study Fashion Design, Brisbane, Gold Coast

Creating Your Future in Fashion Design

Fashion Design is more than designing clothes, shoes, or a piece of jewellery. If you have the right skills and training, an enthusiasm for fashion can also lead you towards other exciting career pathways in the industry. So whether you want to be Australia’s next big designer or the next Anna Wintour, a course in Fashion Design can take you there.

Here’s what you need to know to thrive in this challenging yet exciting industry.

Designers are passionate about fashion, they are creative and are able to experiment and coordinate colours and textures.  However, to be a successful designer you should also possess the following skills:

Study Fashion Design, Brisbane, Gold Coast

Depending on your area of expertise, graduates have the opportunity to work in various positions within the industry.

Study Fashion Design, Brisbane, Gold Coast

According to, a Fashion Designer earns an average salary of AU$59,838 per year. However, if you have additional technical skills like textile/fabric design or CAD, your average take salary is a bit higher.

In Queensland, particularly in Brisbane, a Fashion Designer earns an average salary of AU$57,288 per year.

Study Fashion Design, Brisbane, Gold Coast

Sure natural-born talent is ideal. However, like we always said, there are important skills that need to be learned in the classroom. Additionally, having the right certifications will give you an edge over other fashion graduates especially if you want to work with top brands/companies.

Here at the Australian Institute of Creative Design, we offer a range of courses in various areas of the fashion industry, including fashion design and portfolio development, computer-aided fashion design (CAD), fashion merchandising and marketing, fashion retailing, pattern making, sewing, and garment construction.

Study Fashion Design, Brisbane, Gold Coast

These are the major courses that we offer:

Additionally, we also offer part-time and short courses.

Find out more information about any of our exciting courses and career pathways.

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Lastly, if you’re still trying to figure out your inner calling, you can take our Creative Career Personality Quiz!

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