Pirates of the Caribbean — Students Secretly Working On Set!


Recently, some of our Make-Up Diploma students had the extraordinary opportunity to work on set for the upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. The team, led by our Head of Make-Up, Danielle Fredericks, secretly worked behind the scenes on special effects make-up for various actors in the movie over six amazing weeks.


Pictured: Australian Institute of Creative Design students and staff with Peter King — British Oscar-winning makeup artist who won at the 2003 Academy Awards for Best Makeup for the film The Lord of the Rings, as well as BAFTA Award for Best Makeup & Hair.


Some comments from our team…

“experience of a lifetime”

I had an incredible experience working on Pirates of the Caribbean that I absolutely loved and learnt a lot from. I learnt how to handle being under pressure more and I feel my skills and techniques improved a lot. It was also an area of makeup that I originally wasn’t sure I would be interested in working in, however after this experience I definitely want to seek a career in this particular area. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime that I am very grateful for.

“over the moon”

When I found out I was working on set for Pirates of the Caribbean I was over the moon. They had an unbelievably talented team on board and I was stoked that I had the opportunity to work and learn from them. Our department supervisor gave us positive feedback and constructive criticism that I’ll be able to use to further grow as an artist. It was an invaluable experience and I’m ever so grateful to have been given the opportunity.
—Nikki Ball

“highlight of my career”

Working on Set of Pirates was such an amazing experience. Having the opportunity to meet and learn from such talented and experienced make up artist was truly the highlight of my career so far.
—Samantha Roy

“an honour and a privilege”

Working on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean was not only an honour and a privilege but also one of the most amazing and exciting experiences I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. I started my diploma in specialised makeup to be able to start working on movie sets with Special Effects instead of always doing the same old Bridal and Photographic work. When you gave me the opportunity to do real work on a real movie set, it was like my dreams were coming true. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to to fulfil my dreams, I sincerely appreciate it, I’m very grateful and excited for what the future holds.
—Tracy Currie

“I really learnt a lot”

My experience on the P.O.C film set was awesome. The training day we did with Peter and Louise was really fun, I learnt a lot from their techniques and I really enjoyed how lovely they both were and the feedback they gave us all individually. Every morning in the tents was great, I loved meeting all the different extras, the challenge of the time restraints when the A.D’s or Peter would come and put the pressure on to keep up with the backlog of extras waiting and working with Jackie was not only fun but I really learnt a lot from the feed back and guidance she gave me (I know she would have been repeating to us all over and over) why we need to do different techniques to achieve the results and not once did she become frustrated with any of us and was absolutely lovely through out the whole thing. I was fortunate enough to go down onto the set and watch the action on one of the days and to see it all put together was an experience I will never forget, Jackie was even explaining how you could see all the different techniques come together to create the scenes and I found it really beneficial. I cannot speak highly enough of the experience I had or the people I met and I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to be a part of it all.
—Claire 🙂

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