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Recently we caught up with 2015 Student of the Year, Rose Sorkheh, for a chat about her journey to a promising interior design career…

IMG_1178Has interior design always been something you wanted to do, and what sparked that desire?

“I remember I was only 9 years old and I designed a floor to ceiling joinery unit for my bedroom. I hated the ordinary 3 door wardrobe in my bedroom and I wanted something unique so I drew what I wanted on a piece of paper and gave it to my mum. The next day she told me someone was getting it built for me. That’s where I started. I could see my imagination come to life and that was the best feeling.”

Tell me about your overall learning experience at the Australian Institute of Creative Design — what was that like for you?

“I want to go back to AICD, I miss it so much. It was great — great students and great teachers. I learned a lot in a short amount of time and it felt like we were a family — we all helped each other and learned even more from that. Britt Ayling (the head teacher of interior design) helped and supported me a lot and I’m very thankful for that.”

Did you have any challenges along the way?

“Ohhh yes I did! English is my second language and that in self was a challenge. When we had presentations I was full of stress but I believed I had done my best and that would give me the confidence to speak about my design and get good results.

I was planning to move to Melbourne, so I decided to go for a holiday first. I went to the USA and then Iran, where I come from — it was so much fun. I love travelling and seeing different places.

But I got into trouble due to a mistake made by my bank and I could not exit Iran… It’s a long story but it took a month and I was so behind with my projects. However things got sorted out — my bank found out that it was all a mistake and I was able to come back to Australia.

I was 2 projects behind. Each project normally takes about 4 weeks each, but I got both of them done in only 3.5 weeks.”

FRONT RENDERYes, I was told you caught up, did some exceptionally good work, and then went on to be awarded student of the year. How did that feel to achieve so much?

“I love what I do and didn’t feel that I was under pressure to get all of it done in a short amount of time, and I also got to know myself better. Now I know that I’m capable of more and I love new challenges. It feels good to be who you want to be and when I hear that I was the student of the year… I felt like I was going to fly… Unfortunately I can’t design wings!”

And what are your plans for the future now?

“When I graduated from AICD I moved back to Sydney and started my own freelance interior design business, Calia Interiors. I wanted to gain more experience so I applied for interior designer positions. I found Dreamtime Australia Design and I really wanted to be a part of their team. I got the job and I’m very proud to be there. They are world class designers and work internationally. I’ve been working at Dreamtime for 3 months now and I have gained so much experience already.


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