VIP Interior Design Experience On 3 Million Dollar Project

darrenPalmerThree of our Interior Design students received hands-on industry experience with the one and only Darren Palmer!

Darren Palmer is a celebrated interior designer, writer and key-note speaker, renowned in Belle as one of the ‘Mood Makers for 2011’. He is also Contributing Editor of Interiors for Australian GQ magazine, and imparts his knowledge to Luxury Home Design and other publications. Darren’s design projects grace the pages of Belle, Grand Designs Australia Magazine, Design Decoration Annual and Renovate Magazine to name just a few.

Darren Palmer recently took time out of his busy schedule to work on an exciting new project — a 3 million dollar Boystown prize apartment — and three of our very lucky Advanced Diploma students, Kym Gervais, Jadie Lawrence and Krystal Major had the honour of assisting Darren with the interior styling and onsite preparation!

What our students had to say about the experience…

“…We had three days to unpack, set up and style the interior of a large three bedroom apartment for a photo shoot, television commercial and behind the scenes coverage for the TV show, A Current Affair. Whilst it was extremely hard work, the experience was a privilege to be part of. It was awesome to see first-hand behind the scenes of a project of this scale and to learn first-hand from a celebrity interior designer. The experience has definitely given me confidence for a career in interior styling.” —Kym Gervais

“There are experiences in life that give views of the future. In these moments we get to see the whole picture of what we are working toward. Working alongside Alexandra and Darren has been one of these experiences. I was given the exciting opportunity of learning on the job in this eye-opening experience. I am very grateful, to the college and to these two beautiful individuals, whom have given me a taste of one pathway in the interior design profession. From this busy, productive and unique experience I have most of all learned this — enjoy the journey, as it is only just beginning!” —Krystal Major

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