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5 Types Of Mentors You Need In Your Career

In our previous article, we talked about the reasons why we should have a fashion mentor. Mentors help us navigate the road to success either by their skills or their first-hand experiences.

However, you don’t just need one mentor. You need to have a team that is composed of individuals who are masters in their own field. Just like the game of Footy, you need to have a team composed of players that are good at playing a particular position. A team can’t all play fullbacks or just half-forward flanks, right?


So here are the mentors that should be on your team:

    The connector is someone who is happy introducing and recommending one person to another. They know someone in almost all industries and is basically, a friend to everybody. This type of connector will help you build your network. Remember the old saying – “It’s who you know, not what you know.”.
    The road to success isn’t all straight. Sometimes without warning, blind curves appear out of nowhere and you come tumbling down. During these trying times, this is where the cheerleader comes in handy. They are the support system that you need when you are about to give up. The cheerleader will give you the necessary motivation to keep you going. Their can-do attitude is contagious. Not only will they be around during your victory, they will definitely be beside you during any obstacles you face in your journey.
    In Football, you will not see a coach tackling a player in the field or passing the ball. Just like in mentorship, a coach is not going to solve your problem on your behalf. Instead, this type of mentor listens, asks questions, helps you see through a problem, and figures out solutions so you can reach your own goal and win!
    This mentor is someone you would like to emulate and is someone you want to be like. The star is the mentor who is from the same field as you are. You are inspired by their success. Learn how they operate, what they think, or even how they get ready for that important meeting by spending time with them.
    The challenger is someone who takes you out of your comfort zone. This type of mentor will challenge you to take the next step in your career or business and will not allow you to get stuck on the same level. Instead, propels you to move forward. However, a challenger will not hesitate to tell you if your ideas suck. This mentor doesn’t like to sugarcoat, but they throw constructive criticisms which you need so you can be on the right track.

Now, we are not saying that you need 5 different individuals on your team. Of course, there are mentors who are very much capable of playing both roles. And oh! Do you think there are other types of mentors worth including on this list? Share your thoughts with us.

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