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Mentoring Qualities You Should Look For

Finding the right mentor is an Important task to take seriously

The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves. – Steven Spielberg

The importance of having a mentor whether you are running a fashion business or a business in any industry is becoming more evident. If you are just starting up, a mentor is an invaluable asset. They can help you navigate the road to success using their knowledge, skills, and first-hand experiences. A good mentor will also help you see your own great potential and not try to make you a clone of themselves. But how do you find the right mentor that will do just that?

Obviously the Australian Institute of Creative Design have their own Fashion Business Mentoring program. Just in case however, if you are looking for a mentor, we have created this checklist just for you.

Important Mentoring Qualities to Look For

TRACK RECORD. Your mentor should have the proven experience in their field with a track record of success and leadership. They should be able to guide, teach, and impart important tips and knowledge to you. It is important that your mentor is from the same field as you are, but what matters most is your mentor’s strong leadership and guiding skills.

EMPATHETIC. A mentor should have the ability to understand and share your feelings on a professional or personal level. They should be a good listener and should be able to understand and evaluate multiple situations as well as give sound advice based on their experiences whether they be positive or negative ones.  The goal always is to guide you toward the most direct path to success.

HONESTY. Your mentor should be able to speak the truth, give constructive criticism, and communicate what you need to know. You don’t need someone that just agrees with you on whatever you say or do, otherwise what’s the point? A mentor should be your reality check and provides advice to what you might be doing wrong as well as be doing right.

AVAILABILITY. They may not be available 24/7 because that’s just impossible, but a mentor should be around on important aspects of your journey and should be able to spend enough time with you on a regular basis to create a concrete relationship and allow you to progress without interruptions or waiting.

FOSTER INDIVIDUALITY. A mentor is not someone who always insists on their ideas, and want a clone of themselves. They are there to guide and allow you to be the driver of your own dreams. A good mentor sits in the passenger seat giving you directions and guiding you on the right path. Lastly, a great mentor should acknowledge your ideas and encourage you to be unique.

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