Study Interior Design, Brisbane, Gold Coast

Interior Design: Designing Your Career Pathways

Interior design is much more than creating dynamic interior environments for residential or commercial spaces, and those who are already in this amazing industry know that interior design is more than putting up aesthetically pleasing interiors.

With this challenging and highly rewarding industry, you have a wide range of career opportunities, from textile design to furniture design.

So let’s take a look at what it takes to be a successful interior designer and what to expect from it.

Being creative and artistic are two attributes that an interior designer should possess. However, these alone won’t make you successful in this competitive industry. An interior designer owns a number of skill sets. These are the among the most important:

Study Interior Design, Brisbane, Gold Coast


The competition in the interior design industry is steep. As such, it would be a huge advantage to gain a qualification. Most companies require candidates that have diplomas or certifications.

Here at the Australian Institute of Creative Design, we offer major interior design courses and a few short courses.

AICD Interior Design Courses

In addition, we also have short courses that vary in length, running from a 1-day course to a 6-day course:


As mentioned, there are a variety of specialized roles that are available to a qualified interior designer. Here are some of them:

Interior Design Career Opportunities


In Brisbane, the average salary for an entry-level interior designer is AU$48,770 per year.

Interior Design Salary

On the other hand, an experienced designer earns an average salary of AU$53,920 per year.

For Gold Coast:

Interior Design Salary

Like almost any industry, most people with this job move on to other positions after 20 years.

If you feel that this is the life that you want for yourself, arrange an appointment with us!

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