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Makeup artists provide a variety of services and can work for both the fashion and performing art industries as freelance individuals or through a company.


Whether you are formally trained or not, a great makeup artist should possess innate attributes which makes them a natural on the job. The following are the skills and traits needed to become a successful makeup artist:

Study Makeup At AICDEDU, Brisbane, Gold Coast

  • Artistic and Creative – knows how to innovate new looks and alternative ideas
  • Patience – when faced with challenges you need to be persistent
  • Attention to detail –  being able to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task
  • Good hand-eye coordination – especially in applying makeup, a makeup artist should be able to get her hands and sight to work together to be able to do things that require speed and accuracy
  • Great social skills – being able to work well with different types of people
  • Adaptable – makeup artists need to be flexible in any working situation (location, people, style)
  • A pleasing personality – a makeup artist should have a well-groomed appearance

Although a formal education is unnecessary to enter the competitive industry of makeup artistry, having one is a big advantage. If you decide to work with bigger brands, they prefer someone who is certified. The qualifications you gain from formal education and training will make you more employable, making the job hunt less strenuous, as clients and companies will have more reason to trust your abilities.

Additionally, there are things that can only be learned in the classroom like colour theories, or how to establish and maintain a safe and creative practice.

Like the majority of the courses, there are different institutions that offer certifications, diplomas, and even bachelor degrees in Makeup Artistry. At the Australian Institute of Creative Design, we offer the following courses that will help you get ready to enter the makeup industry:

  • Diploma in Screen and Media (CUA51015) – you will learn what it takes to work in film, TV and theatre, SPFX skills including prosthetic creation and application, editorial and bridal make-up techniques and hairstyling.
  • Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics (SHB20116) – this course will prepare you to take your first steps towards working in this exciting industry, either at a make-up counter in a retail store, as a sales representative for a cosmetics company, or as an assistant in a beauty salon.
  • Certificate III in Make-Up (SHB30215) – this course will provide you with the fundamental professional skills and knowledge you need to forge a successful career in makeup and beauty.

We also offer short courses and workshops that are ideal if you want to add additional skills to your resume.


A common misconception of a career as a makeup artist is that you are limited to working in a salon.  However, this is not true, makeup artistry offers a wide range of career pathways.

Study Makeup At AICDEDU, Brisbane, Gold Coast

If you already have the necessary qualifications, you will have the opportunity to work in a wide range of positions including:

  • Freelance make-up artist
  • Film, TV, and Stage makeup artist
  • SFX artist or Prosthetic artist
  • Bridal make-up and hair artist
  • Editorial makeup and hair artist
  • Hairstylist
  • Airbrush artist
  • Face/body painter

Those with a good sales background can become retail consultants for makeup or beauty brands in department stores. They are the ones who give informed recommendations on what looks good and what are the current trends.

While those with an acquired or natural skill at writing can become a Beauty Writer or Editor, becoming the go-to makeup experts in magazines and online publications. Some also move to be school instructors.

However, some go one step higher. They develop their own line of makeup products. These people are the icons of the makeup industry. Because of years of experience, they already know what the industry needs.

Makeup Artist Salaries

On average, makeup artist related jobs are $103,921 per annum which is a lot more than the median wage in Australia. That’s equivalent to $53 per hour.

Study Makeup At AICDEDU, Brisbane, Gold Coast

However,  these numbers depend on several factors like experience, location, the organisation the artist works at, and their services offered. As a make-up artist develops their skills, their earning potential will generally increase.

So, do you think you have what it takes to be a professional makeup artist? Visit our website at Our passion for empowering creatives drives us to deliver amazing education, taught by real industry professionals. With small classes, you’ll get as much attention as possible, and our friendly, creative atmosphere makes students feel right at home.

We welcome you to visit the college for a tour and to find out more information about any of our exciting courses and career pathways.


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