The Importance and Power Of Networking In A Business

In our previous article, we talked about how to build a network. However, we realized that there might be some of you who have been asking, “Why do you need to have a network?”. Is it really worth your time?


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The Importance and Power Of Networking

Networking is very important when taking your brand to the next level. Whether you are from the fashion industry, interior design, or visual arts, having a powerful network proves to be an essential part of a brand’s success. So let’s get to know the reasons why having a network is a great idea in advancing your career and your business.

Networking is basically free advertising for your brand and yourself. People within your industry and beyond will begin to notice you, allowing your reputation to build. Eventually, this will open a wide range of opportunities, like gaining more customers or new projects.

This is especially important to fairly new businesses. Surrounding yourself with experienced business owners is a great resource for learning, which can help you avoid costly mistakes in the future.

Even if your business already has traction, there are always new things to learn. Networking allows you to get first-hand information on what’s in and out in your business. It may be a new technology, or perhaps just “tricks of the trade” that you never knew.

Networking is the best place to find mentors. It is where you can find lifelong confidants and advisors. As mentioned on our previous blog, locking arms with a mentor is like having your own protective shield and flashlight for guidance. A mentor will lead and support you while navigating through the various stages and challenges of your business.

Networking involves talking to people you don’t know. This can be very uncomfortable if you are not the social type of person. With networking, you get to develop your interpersonal skills because it pushes you out of your shell and make meaningful conversation. Thus, creating lasting business and personal relationships.

We can go on and on why you should invest in creating a powerful network. However, to summarize everything, when you start to network, having the right people around will give you a better head start, not just on your business goals but also with your personal goals.

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