Makeup Students Work On Set For New Movie “Kong: Skull Island”

This week’s HOTSEAT video brings us specialist makeup artist, Liv Little, who talks about working on the set of upcoming movie “KONG: Skull Island” — an amazing work-experience opportunity through our Specialist Makeup Diploma course

Whilst working behind the scenes was an incredible experience in itself, Liv and two other specialist makeup graduates — Jordan Johannessen and Beaujette Bensley — were also able to get right up close for a personal view of the action.

“My first big job after graduating with my internationally recognised Diploma, and it was getting to work on the production ‘KONG: Skull Island’. This was an absolutely incredible experience. Not only did I get to assist key artists with Prosthetic makeup application, I also had the opportunity to go out onto set and see the magic in action! My experience didn’t just stop there, I also was given the opportunity to do work experience at JMB FX Studio where I got to further my learning and experience and assist in the making of a lot of prosthetic appliances. Another great opportunity of a lifetime and I can confidently say that my studies at The Australian Institute of Creative Design gave me the skills and confidence to jump head first into another great experience.” —Jordan Johannessen

“Working on Kong was one of the best in industry experiences I could have had, working alongside some of the best makeup artists. It was such a fun and amazing group of people to work with and learn tips and tricks from. I was fortunate enough to get to go on set a number of times and see the makeup that we applied in action. I also got the opportunity to actually help create the prosthetics at JMB FX Studio. This whole experience was definitely the highlight of my career to date. I would not have had this amazing opportunity in my career without the Australian Institute of Creative Design — they have amazing industry connections and great support, even after you finish your studies there.” —Beaujette Bensley

“Working on ‘Kong: Skull Island’ has been an eye opening and unbelievably rewarding experience. The time, effort and dedication required to bring a production like this to life was so humbling and inspiring. I was given the opportunity to meet world class makeup artist Bill Corso, and work alongside local artists assisting with makeup applications as well as working on the clean up team. I am so proud of the work we achieved and have made multiple professional connections along the way. Working on this production was more than I could have dreamed of to kick-start my career.” —Andrea Templeman

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